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re: Sermormont's Ultimate Tanking UI


I am far from the best player this game has ever seen, but I have spent a lot of time and energy building this UI that I am really proud of. I am more than aware that this absolutely will not be for everyone, but feel free to take the concepts used here to build something for you. I want to first explain the thought process behind my UIs design. First and foremost is the concept of Centrality. When if come to raiding, or any content in this game really, being able to easily see important information is extremely necessary. Using my character model as a focal point, I built my UI around that point to deliver the most important information in that area. This overall increases the second concept, Awareness. When Raiding, being aware of your surroundings and what the boss is doing is important. This is entirely visual and the more time you spend looking away from your character, the more your awareness drops, and that can lead to some bad habits such as tunnel-visioning and standing in fire. So here it is, my UI. Below you can find a simple guide to what you are looking at. You can download my ElvUI profile here.

1. Player Frame - Basically just my health bar, I have the power bar turned off because i use a custom one.

2. Player Buff Bar - Displays all of my current buffs

3. Focus Frame - Shows the health and buffs of my Focus Target

4. Target Frame - Shows the health and energy of my current target

5. Target Buff and Debuff Bars - Show the Target Buffs and debuffs that I have applied

6. Target Target Frame (Not Pictured) - Similar in size and position to the Focus Frame shows the health and name of the unit my target is targetting. Really useful for Tanks to know what is being attacked.

7. Party/Raid Frames - Shows the names and health of all party or raid members. Also shows important debuffs from certain bosses.

8. Chat Frame 1 - Show most chat here

9. Skada Frame 1 - I typically display damage done here

10. Bars - ALL the Bars

11. Skada Frame 2 -I typically display Healing Done here

12. Chat Frame 2 - Display Loot chat and Trade Chat here (yes im poor atm, i know)

13. Raid CD Weak Aura - Custom Weak aura that displays useful raid cooldowns, like innervate, and life cocoon, and Spirilink totem.

14. Enemy Grid - Displays all currently visible enemy nameplates with a nice little grid

15. Boss Frame (Not Pictured) - Show the health and energy of all currently active boss mobs

16. Objective Frame (currently collapsed) - Its my quest log dummy

17. Minimap - Self explanatory, with bonus guild and friends lists at the bottom and location informaton at the top

18. (De)Buff Zone - Expanded display of all player buffs and debuffs.

19. Class Bar - Bar for switching forms cause I'm a furry, I mean druid.

20. Tank/Assist Frame (Not Pictured) - Displays The health and status of raid members listed and Tank and main assist.

21. Weak Auras  - While there are a few more auras that display on my screen this is the bulk of what i pay attention to in the fight, Guardian Druid Specific.

So I feel I need to explain a few things. As I said I focus a lot on central information to then increase my awareness. This setup has the most important information I need to see in about the center cut 50% and auxiliary information exists outside of that.So you might ask whats up with the 5 bars at the bottom of my screen. Simply put, I don't use the information from my bars much, they are mostly there for easy mapping of spells should I need to make a change. Generally my bottom three bars are keybound and used as ability bars, while the top two bars are unmapped and I use for clickables, like professions, mounts, hearthstones, etc. I have weak auras that show my cooldowns so I rarely look at my bars, but they do exist as some minor confidence. My keybinds if you notice are quite simple and straight forward. I use a Logitech G600 mouse which has twelve keys on the side that I have mapped to the number row. This allows me to essentially play one handed for my primary rotation. and puts normally out of reach keybinds easily within my grasp. Then I just use some modifier keys, mostly just shift and alt as I use control for push-to-talk in Discord. Most of my classes play from muscle memory, things like interrupts I always bind to Shift-5, AOE CC it going to always be "9" Self Heals "6" my priority ability "1" and so on and so forth. I intentionally setup my classes to play this similarly as to reduce the unfamiliarity when changing classes.

Next I want to talk about boss timers and personally I use BigWigs boss timers. I prefer BigWigs to DBM for a few reasons, most of all because I feel like it does a better job of helping people learn the encounters rather than DBMs style of treating you like you don't know anything and yell at you for everything. BigWigs timers also stood out more for me while also being more subtle. It hard to explain, but I had something far easier to see and react to, rather than just being told the "Run away little girl run away" without knowing why. Below are two images, one which displays my timer in action around my character, the other is the complete BigWigs anchors showing where I have everything mapped. This will serve greatly to enforce the concept of central information and awareness. You will be able to see just how important or a role my timers play on my screen so I know exactly what is coming and when. As you can see, the timers roll constantly just above my buff bar so I have a good heads up of abilities well before that are being cast. When a timer hits 10 seconds left it pops center of my screen just above my character allowing me to have ample tome to decide how to react to what is about to happen. Certain boss mechanics also have an audible countdown and large number display. I use this feature of BigWigs to help myself with mechanics I personally struggle with to teach myself, then after time I can take off the training wheels once I have learned the proper timings and response.



Lastly, I want to talk about my Weak Auras. A lot of the auras I use, I have gotten from other guardian druids in the community and tweaked, while some I built myself. But I want to go over my most important Auras that I actually use and pay a lot of attention too in fights. I'll start with primary Weak Aura section in my UI, consisting of 5 groups of Auras. They are in order:

1. Rage Meter - This is a cool bar that displays my current rage level. In addition to showing my rage level, it also changes color depending on whether or not I have proc'd Gore, which reduces the cost of my next MoU or IF. 

2. Thrash Bar - This is a simple bars that displays the number of stacks of thrash the current target has. Incredibly useful for the talents Pulverize and Rend and Tear to get a good look at those important thrash stacks.  

3. Iron Fur Timer - I recently switch my simple IF timer from a texture to this more complex bar that shows the duration of all my stack individually while also giving a visual readout of the total stacks at a glance.  

4. Mark of Ursol Timer - Same as with IF, I had this as a bubble texture around my character but recently switched to a bar to show the remaining timer on my Mark of Ursol buff after some visibility issues encountered in NightHold. Ulitmately I am happier with these two bars than I was witht eh textures.  

5. Frenzied Regen Utility - This is a neat utility that I found courtesy of Method Sco. This monitor my current available stacks of Frenzied regen, while also providing me with a simple percentage value for the amount I will heal for if I were to pop it right then and there.  

In addition to these Main 5 I have a few more I use. Because I have and use frequently the legendary Necklace Prydaz, Xavarics Magnum Opus, I have a simple counter center screen on my sexy bear ass that show me the remaining absorb value on that shield. I also have an ability popup that shows ALL of my abilities when they come off cooldown as an icon on my backside so I know when abilities are ready to go. I also have my utility buff duration meter that displays the remaining duration of my raid uitlities, such Stampeding Roar, or dash, etc. I have a dynamic group that display cooldown for my large cooldowns such as Survival Instincts, or Rage of the Sleeper. Lastly I wanted to talk about that raid CD Weak Aura on my screen right. This is definitely not necessary, and uses a lot of processing power for what it does. I personally as a raid leader like to track certain raid cooldowns. This si so I know what is available and when. I most definitely did mot write this one, though I do have a vague understanding of whats in play here. Link to a pastebin of these weak auras are below: 

CD Popup

Utility CD

Utility Durations

Raid CDs


Again, I know all too well that this will not be for everyone again, I know this isnt for everyone, there is no one size fits all when it comes to UIs. Different classes and different roles need to see different things and have different types of awareness. Obviously my weak auras are pretty specific to Guardian Druid and nothing else. I do however think that for DPS and especially Tanks, this could be a useful jump off point to make your UI the best it can be. Lastly I want to Leave you with my Add-on list for my UI.




CT Mods

Dynamic Cam

Enemy Grid


Mythic Plus Timer


Weak Auras 2

World Quest List


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re: Mouse Clicking Fool

Sweet setup! I have 18 G buttons on my G510s and only seem to use w,s,a,d and maybe TAB. Guess I should lay off the mouse. Ya got me motivated.
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