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re: Drama and Grief in BGs



Wow is meant to be fun. 

In game it's really easy to complain or blame others.

I hear these phases a lot from randoms, like a broken record... 


"We suck" 

"Just let them win" 

"Why are we always losing?" 

"Our team is crappy" 

"Your gear is crappy" 


Sad thing is. The ones trolling always leave in middle 

of BGs or just sit on their pretty little mounts. 


Where is the challenge at? I don't care if we are geared bad... the fun is in the effort.


I have been noticing it most in Silvershard Mines and Strands of the Ancients. Especially love when in mines if we are losing (even if only by a little) Someone will say "Oh it's over" and then will just stay up in the spawn point and others will follow!

Why play if it's not fun?

I have found that the best way to counteract a player like that is ignore them and keep communicating positively with your teammates. Leading by example is one of the best ways to be successful in this game (and in life). If you can do well without being arrogant about it and are constantly positive towards a team effort you will be surprised how many BG's you win. It may sound cheesy but I am dead serious. I find when I am positive, I have more people healing me, more people assisting me on objectives I am working towards, and more people who follow my occasional strategy suggestions willingly. Just some food for thought.

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